BOOKING POLICY.  You may contact the studio to check on available dates and to schedule a session.  In order for anyone to reserve a session, they must first pay a retainer, which is half of the chosen package.    This is due at the time of booking and the remaining balance is due in full no less than two weeks prior to the event or session.




 CANCELLATIONS.  We do understand that life happens, and in the misfortunate circumstance that the wedding is cancelled for any reason, the retainer may be transferred to another date or family member who may use it towards the investment of their event.  However, if the retainer is not transferred, you forfeit the investment fee.  Appointments cancelled for all other photo sessions (maternity, family, portraits, engagment, newborn) due to emergencies may be rescheduled within two weeks.  However, if the second appointment is cancelled or the client does not reschedule within two weeks, the retainer is forfeited. 



INCLEMENT WEATHER.  Many ask what will happen if the weather is bad on the day of our photo shoot?  It is up to the discretion of myself, the photographer, if the appointment should be cancelled due to the weather.  Bad weather consists of all day raining, thunderstorms, or  blizzards.  Please keep in mind when making an appointment, that you will most likely not get a perfect 70 degree day.  When scheduling in the spring and fall, it could be in the lower 40's, however that is not enough reason to cancel the session.  My best suggestion is to dress appropriately for the weather!  Wear layers for the cooler seasons and light clothing for the warmer days.



FORMS.  All clients of In Focus Design Studios MUST sign a contract and photo releases.  This is so that both parties are clear of the agreed terms.  It also allows us to share our work with others on our website and through social media.  When you book a session and are photographed by In Focus Design Studios, you are agreeing and giving us permission to use and publish you images for promotional, advertising, and other like purposes.  Before your session begins, you will be given a contract to sign if you have not already printed one out from our website.  We cannot photography anyone who does not sign one.  Once your photo edits are complete, we will also provide you with a print release form, allowing you to print limitless copies of your images for personal use.  The studio still has all copyrights to the images.