Q:  What is your photographic style?  

A:  Sapphire City Studios embraces a unique style of photography that is rooted in photojouralistic style to capture raw emotion.  Portrait work encompasses  a  more traditional style as it is more posed, however, when natural moments happen on their own, we capture them also.  We love natural and creative lighting, in addition to unique angles and compositions to express our clients personalities while capturing a beautiful story as it unfolds.




Q:  My venue is dark, how do you handle that?

A:  For shooting indoors, extra lighting gear  may be needed in case the lighting could use a boost.  In the event that the venue does not permit flash, fast lenses will be used.  Natural light is wonderful so expect to be photographed in well lit areas and near windows.  For outdoor events, usually early morning about an hour after sunrise or the evening about an hour before sunset provides the most flattering light levels.  If it is during the middle of the day, expect to be photographed in open shade to provide an even light for portraits unless it is a cloudy day which creates a beautiful diffused light.




Q:  Do you touch-up images?

A:  Yes, every image is touched up.





Q:  What should we wear?  

A:  Clothing choice is always the biggest decision when planning your session. Although bold colors, textures and patterns are fun, you should avoid these.  Neon colors can create color casts on the skin (no good), while textures and patterns may compete with the background if there are trees, a brick wall, etc.  Avoid large logos or clothing that may take the focus off of your child. Jeans and sweaters, hats, scarves and boots are fun for winter and fall. Sundresses and lighter clothing are fun for the summer months. Families don’t have to wear all the same color or same outfits, I suggest choosing from the same color family. For example, in the fall you may want to choose warm colors like browns, reds, oranges. and yellows. Lay the clothes out together and see how well they compliment each other. Newborns usually are too small to fit well in any outfit.





Q:  Do you shoot in JPEG or RAW?  

A:  We shoot all of our images in RAW.  While these images files are larger, it provides the highest quality files so we can provide you with superior images.  





Q:  Can I post the photos on social media or my blog?   

A:  Please share away!  If you see your images on my facebook page, feel free to tag yourself.   We just ask that you do not make any edits to the images.  We work hard and pride ourselves on reputation and have made editing decisions with careful thought to convey a certain emotion or create a mood.  Editing them would take away from that process and our name would still be attached to the end product.





Q:  Are you willing to travel?  

A:  Yes, travel is negotiable.  Please inquire about additional travel fees if you are outside of the Frederick, MD vicinity.





Q:  What if our session is rained out?  

A:  We will reschedule your session as soon as my schedule and the weather allows.





Q:  Are our high-resolution images watermarked?  

A:  No, the high resolution images will not bear watermarks so that you can print you memories without distracting watermarks.





Q:  Can we print our images?  

A:  Yes, you will be provided with a print release form so that you may be able to print unlimited copies of your photos for personal use.  InFocus Design Studios still holds the copyright to the images.





Q:  Do we receive the RAW, unedited files?

A:  The RAW, unedited files are not available for viewing or purchase.  The images selected for editing and delivered to you have been hand-selected to reflect our high standards.  Any images not delivered are outtakes.  Know that we take time to go through every image, and select the best.





Q:  Can you hold a date for me?  

A:  Sorry, but dates cannot be "held".  To book a session or an event date such as a wedding, a retainer of 50% of the cost is due.  The remainder of the balance is to be paid two weeks prior to the session or wedding date.  





Q:  Is the retainer refundable if I need to cancel the wedding or photo session?  

A:  The retainer fee is non-refundable.  The retainer guarentees that we will hold the date exclusively for you and once you have signed the contract, we turn down all other commissions.  We understand that life happens and in the event of a cancelled wedding it is possible to transfer the retainer to a family member for their wedding session if you would like.  For other photo sessions that needed rescheduled, you may transfer the retainer to the new session as long as there is 72 hours notice. 





Q:  When should we book you for our wedding or photo session?

A:  ASAP.  We cannot "hold" dates until the retainer is received.  Most clients contract a year in advance for weddings, or sometimes less than that.  For other photo sessions such as engagement photos, family portraits, newborns, maternity, most clients book about a month or two in advance.





Q:  How do we get the best possible images?  

A:  Look at photos you like before your shoot to get ideas, whether it's wardrobe or poses.  Pick out things you like and communicate with us why you like them.  Maybe it's the colour palette, or the lighting, or the subjects pose,  Before the shoot, check outfits for wrinkles, an iron can be your best friend!  Kids that are fed and rested are usually most content.  Bring a brush to the session in case hair needs rebrushed.  Communicate with us what you like and what you don't, so we can get an idea of the lighting style or poses that will give you the images you will love!  Most important, relax and have fun!